REAL WEDDING: Mary Beth and Chris 5.25.13

We LOVE seeing wonderful couples having fun and enjoying their wedding. No one seemed to enjoy their wedding more than Mary Beth and Chris at their May 25, 2013 wedding. Take a look for yourself at the gallery below. All photos were taken by the very talented Michael’s Photography.

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Real Weddings- Eldion and Megan Pajollari 5/27/13

We had such a blast with this wedding! It was 50% Albanian, 50% American, and 100% AMAZING!! The gorgeous photos were taken by Christopher Alexandra Photography. Enjoy the photos below ūüôā

Paj_01 Paj_62 Paj_63 Paj_64 Paj_65 Paj_67 Paj_68 Paj_69 Paj_70 Paj_71 Paj_72 Paj_73 Paj_75 Paj_76 Paj_77 Paj_78 Paj_79 Paj_80


Show Your Mom How Much You Love Her…

We are so excited that Mother’s Day is coming up! It’s a day where you can honor the woman who put up with you, loved you, and still to this day puts up with you. So in honor of all those amazing mother’s out there we are celebrating in the best way….by eating! Come join us Sunday, May 12 for our delicious Mother’s Day Buffet. You¬†definitely¬†won’t want to miss it!


Mother Day Menu BMI

Wedding Planners

wedding planner


The big question to ask yourself once you’ve gotten engaged is “do I want a wedding planner?” Sure you’ve been planning this day your whole life, and who else but you can create your vision, but wedding planners are very useful and if you find the right one, can really help bring the vision of your wedding to life. Here are some other reasons to hire a wedding planner:

1. They are professionals: Wedding planners have obviously been the in the industry much longer than you have so they know there way around venues, vendors, and everything else in between. It’s their job to do all the hard legwork that you might not have the time for.

2. Count on them to give you expert advice: You have spoken to your planner, so they know what vision you have for your big day. With their expertise they can steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking a venue, vendors and other styling tips.

3. Your planner has connections: These connections are so important when your planning a wedding. A planner can have connections to the best vendors in the area who would be more likely to work with someone that they have a good relationship with.

4. Think fast on their feet: Planners are taught to deal with things as they come especially in emergencies. Since it’s going to be your big day, you don’t want to be the one who has to handle everything. Planners are great in those cases where you just want to enjoy your day and not have to worry about anything else.

5. They know their stuff: Planners are always in the know about hot trends of the season. They can suggest great ideas that will really make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Things we LOVE: Customized Gifts!

Gifts. Everyone loves getting gifts. I mean who doesn’t love opening gifts up and seeing what someone bought you? What’s even better than getting gifts? Getting customized gifts! It just goes to show you that someone out there really took the time to think about something that represents you and either made it or paid money for it. So if you need some gift ideas for other people, or just want to gift yourself with something special here are a few sites that can make choosing easier.

wedding gift is a great website that allows you to Continue reading

You’re Married….Now What?



After months sometimes even years of planning the perfect day, figuring out what to do after your honeymoon can be a challenge. Luckily for you, we are here to make sure that you get all the important things taken care of after your perfect wedding day.

1.¬†Get your dress dry cleaned and stored away-¬†You want to make sure you get your dressed dry cleaned and stored in a temperature controlled location 6 months after your big day. Your dress is a very delicate thing and if it’s not properly taken care of ¬†soon after your wedding you could end up damaging it.

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Military Brides: We are here to help!


Having been host to many military weddings, we can’t help but be proud and thankful to these couples that share their special day with us. These are men and women that at a moments notice, can be shipped off leaving their loved ones behind for months or even years. So to help those brides that are busy planning their military wedding, here are some tips to make your big day go much more smoothly.

It’s great that a lot of the work that goes into planning a civilian wedding is the same when it comes to planning a military one with just a few¬†tweaks.

1. Pick a date: This might be the most obvious but trust us, when planning a military wedding picking the date should definitely be at the top of your list. With the chance of deployment taking you or your fiance away, make sure you have the perfect date so that you have enough time to invite your guests and plan the big day.

2. Location, Location, Location: For military brides and grooms the option is limitless. You can choose to get married on a military base (some bases won’t even charge you and best of all most come with gorgeous views) or you can opt to get married wherever you feel will best suite you and your groom. Make sure that they have your date available and that they can¬†accommodate you should you decide to do some military traditions.

3.¬†Tradition:¬†Including some¬†military¬†tradition to your wedding adds that something special to a day that’s already spectacular. Imagine how stunning the picture of you and your groom walking under a saber or sword arch after just saying “I do.” GORGEOUS!

4. Wedding Dresses: If you are a military bride on a special budget there are some great places out there for you to get your dress without having to dip into your savings. Some great sites are Brides Across America, Alfred Angelo Bridal, and Military Bride.

5.¬†Consider wedding insurance: Wedding insurance can be a great money saver for military brides. If you or your groom’s deployment date has changed at the last minute, wedding insurance can cover the cost of¬†postponing¬†the¬†nuptials¬†and other things. For more about wedding insurance check out this blog post here.

Top First Dance Songs


A couple’s first dance most times is the most romantic part of the wedding (other than saying their vows of course). Some couples have a song that’s “theirs” before they even think about getting married. Other couples specifically choose a song for their big day. We’ve compiled a list of some great first dance songs that, hopefully, you will all enjoy.

1. At Last by Etta James

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Tipping Etiquette- How and Who to Tip After Your Wedding

cute thank you

You have probably read the title of this post and are thinking “I just shelled out thousands and thousands of dollars for my vendors and now I have to tip them??” Well the answer to that question is–probably. Most vendors already include a tip in their contracts, so make sure you look that over before your wedding. If you see that tips are not included in your contracts you might add them to your discretion. Also make sure you prepare the day before. Have the tips ready in¬†separate¬†envelopes and ¬†put someone in charge to give them out at the end of the night.

If you have a Wedding Planner¬†they are typically not expecting a tip. It’s up to you whether or not you think your planner went above and beyond to make sure you had an amazing wedding. A cute way to say “Thank You” to your planner would be a nice bottle of wine, or gift certificate (no more than $100) and a hand written “Thank You” card.

Your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist  do expect to be tipped at the end of their service. Think of it like you went to a restaurant. You tip your server, unless they were extremely horrible. With your stylist and makeup artist, you would want to tip them between 15-20% of the final bill.

If you are having your ceremony in a church or synagogue that you frequent, a donation would be better than a tip. A sizable donation of $500+ is recommended. If your officiant is not part of your church or synagogue then a tip of $50-$100 is fine.

The wedding photographer and videographer are an important part of your big day. If the photographer and videographer are not the owner of the company, then you should tip them. Typically a tip anywhere between $50-$200 a vendor is acceptable

The wait staff at your venue are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and properly. Ask the venue first if they allow you to tip the staff. Once you get their permission you should tip the bartender and waiters anywhere between $20-$25 per person. If you have a coat check, tip that person $1 per coat, and valet should be tipped $1 per car.

The music at your wedding is so important on whether or not everyone has a good time. If you decided on having a band, the tip should be $20-$25 per musician. If you had a DJ they should typically get between $50-$100.

If you had a limo or shuttle, you should tip the driver depending on if they showed up on time and didn’t get lost. If they did everything right, you should tip them 15-20% of the total bill.

Remember each of these people were there to make sure that you had an incredible wedding. Show your gratitude whether it be with a nice tip, or a hand written “Thank You” card. A little kindness can go a long way.

For more Wedding Etiquette check out this great blog on what each member of the bridal party does.

Sources: The Knot, Perfect Wedding Guide, and Frugal Bride

Get Married and Do some Good

As much as everyone loves getting chocolates, CDs, and matches as wedding favors, there is something heartwarming when you see that the couple has made a donation to a charity in your name. More and more couples are realizing that they can do a lot of good by donating to a cause that they feel very passionate about.


The process is very simple: just contact the charitable¬†organization¬†and let them know what you want to do. Some places even provide their own cards that you can give out at the wedding. It’s really just that simple. Here are some examples of cards that you can do:

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