Do It Yourself Stunning Centerpieces

It’s stressful planning a wedding. Like really stressful. And a wedding can be really expensive. So when you want your big day to look like a million bucks without costing a million bucks, DIY –Do It Yourself– projects can save you the need to worry about choosing what you want at your wedding. Plus if you DIY you can get the whole bridal party involved and make it a bonding experience!

Here are some ideas that you could do for your centerpieces. All of them you can DIY and the supplies you need can be found at any local craft store, Target, Walmart or Dollar Store (yes you read that right, I said Dollar Store)

This centerpiece is beautiful, simple and affordable. The wine glasses, base plate, flowers and candles can be found at the Dollar Store. This entire centerpiece will cost you under $15 to put together. It’s amazing how simple yet beautiful this centerpiece is.

This is another great centerpiece that is very affordable and easy to make. For this one all you need are pebbles, flowers, different size vases, water and floating candles. A centerpiece like this could cost anywhere from $25-$40 to make, depending on where you buy your supplies. This would look beautiful in the center of a table with flower petals strewn, with the lights dim and the candles just floating at the top. You can even simplify this more by just filling the vases with water, adding the candle and tying a ribbon around the vases in your colors. The possibilities are endless!

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget to spend a little more on centerpieces, than this would be a great option for you. An old fashioned lantern with a beautiful candle inside and flowers around it would make a stunning centerpiece. A centerpiece like this could cost you between $50-$75 depending on how big your lanterns are.

These are just some examples of DIY centerpieces. There are so many options when it comes to doing it yourself. It’s amazing what a little time and creativity can achieve.


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