Cupcakes or Cake? Which one to choose?


A new trend in weddings that we have been noticing lately is cupcake wedding cakes. Cupcakes as a wedding cake? Whodathunkit. Well it’s not as crazy as you might think. Cupcakes give the bride and groom the option of having more than one flavor. Now who doesn’t love options? 

Lets break this down: Couples have been having wedding cakes for as long as we can remember. It’s a tradition. Yet some couples want to add a little wimsy to their weddings. That’s where the cupcakes come in. Who doesn’t love biting into a little cupcake filled with amazing goodness? It’s a palm-sized treat that packs a big sweet punch.

Now some people are under the impression that cupcakes are actually cheaper than a wedding cake. That’s not necessarily the case. It takes a baker longer to bake and decorate 100 cupcakes than it does to bake and decorate a three-tiered cake. However it’s a lot easier to get store bought cupcakes and dress them up, than it is to get a store bought cake and try to dress it up.

It should also depend on the style of your wedding. If you are going for the more formal wedding, than stick to a traditional wedding cake. If you want the focus of your wedding to be light hearted and fun, then cupcakes are your go-to cake.

Or you just can’t decide between the two. Well a lot of couples choose to have cupcakes with a much smaller cake at the top. Here is a great example of that

cupcake cake

The bride and groom can still cut into their cake in front of their guests, while everyone else enjoys delicious cupcakes. Why not have your (cup)cake and eat it too?


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