Get Married and Do some Good

As much as everyone loves getting chocolates, CDs, and matches as wedding favors, there is something heartwarming when you see that the couple has made a donation to a charity in your name. More and more couples are realizing that they can do a lot of good by donating to a cause that they feel very passionate about.


The process is very simple: just contact the charitable organization and let them know what you want to do. Some places even provide their own cards that you can give out at the wedding. It’s really just that simple. Here are some examples of cards that you can do:

donation wedding favor

This table tent is from the American Diabetes Association, which actually provides this for you.


And this couple donated to the American Cancer Society. Your wedding day is a special day, so make sure you choose an origination that means something to both of you.

To read about couples who have done this at their weddings, The Knot  has a great article. You should check out the I Do Foundation which helps couples make donations and donation cards for their chosen organization.

There is so much you can do at your wedding, so make it memorable.


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