Wedding Planners

wedding planner


The big question to ask yourself once you’ve gotten engaged is “do I want a wedding planner?” Sure you’ve been planning this day your whole life, and who else but you can create your vision, but wedding planners are very useful and if you find the right one, can really help bring the vision of your wedding to life. Here are some other reasons to hire a wedding planner:

1. They are professionals: Wedding planners have obviously been the in the industry much longer than you have so they know there way around venues, vendors, and everything else in between. It’s their job to do all the hard legwork that you might not have the time for.

2. Count on them to give you expert advice: You have spoken to your planner, so they know what vision you have for your big day. With their expertise they can steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking a venue, vendors and other styling tips.

3. Your planner has connections: These connections are so important when your planning a wedding. A planner can have connections to the best vendors in the area who would be more likely to work with someone that they have a good relationship with.

4. Think fast on their feet: Planners are taught to deal with things as they come especially in emergencies. Since it’s going to be your big day, you don’t want to be the one who has to handle everything. Planners are great in those cases where you just want to enjoy your day and not have to worry about anything else.

5. They know their stuff: Planners are always in the know about hot trends of the season. They can suggest great ideas that will really make your wedding stand out from the rest.


Things we LOVE: Customized Gifts!

Gifts. Everyone loves getting gifts. I mean who doesn’t love opening gifts up and seeing what someone bought you? What’s even better than getting gifts? Getting customized gifts! It just goes to show you that someone out there really took the time to think about something that represents you and either made it or paid money for it. So if you need some gift ideas for other people, or just want to gift yourself with something special here are a few sites that can make choosing easier.

wedding gift is a great website that allows you to Continue reading