Things we LOVE: Customized Gifts!

Gifts. Everyone loves getting gifts. I mean who doesn’t love opening gifts up and seeing what someone bought you? What’s even better than getting gifts? Getting customized gifts! It just goes to show you that someone out there really took the time to think about something that represents you and either made it or paid money for it. So if you need some gift ideas for other people, or just want to gift yourself with something special here are a few sites that can make choosing easier.

wedding gift is a great website that allows you to customize anything. Seriously anything  You want a cute pillow for your couch with your first dance song lyrics on it? can do it. You want a huge canvas photo of your first dance and your vows behind you? can do that. There work is incredible and you can get gifts for anyone in your family. Such a great site to check out!



This Etsyseller has done something incredibly unique with books. This would be such a great wedding gift or even an anniversary present. What this seller does is take a book and fold the pages in such a way that it displays your initials.


How cool is that??


Another great gift that’s also on Etsy is custom glass etching. Customize a special message or get custom made champagne flutes for your wedding. Check this out because this seller does everything by hand.




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