REAL WEDDING: Mary Beth and Chris 5.25.13

We LOVE seeing wonderful couples having fun and enjoying their wedding. No one seemed to enjoy their wedding more than Mary Beth and Chris at their May 25, 2013 wedding. Take a look for yourself at the gallery below. All photos were taken by the very talented Michael’s Photography.

MR466 MR483 MR647 MR651 MR663 MR672 MR674 MR679 MR698 MR732 MR733 MR827 MR829 MR832 MR842 MR865 MR866 MR945


Real Weddings- Eldion and Megan Pajollari 5/27/13

We had such a blast with this wedding! It was 50% Albanian, 50% American, and 100% AMAZING!! The gorgeous photos were taken by Christopher Alexandra Photography. Enjoy the photos below 🙂

Paj_01 Paj_62 Paj_63 Paj_64 Paj_65 Paj_67 Paj_68 Paj_69 Paj_70 Paj_71 Paj_72 Paj_73 Paj_75 Paj_76 Paj_77 Paj_78 Paj_79 Paj_80